New Interview with Kjell Aleklett

Kjell Aleklett President, ASPO International

Kjell Aleklett
President, ASPO International

...To proclaim that peak oil is dead, however, is a little misleading. It would be more accurate to say that peak oil is dormant, or at least, that the rate at which oil is extracted is likely to continue on a bumpy plateau for longer than anticipated.

Of course, it is possible to argue over the exact point at which global peak oil will arrive, but at some time in the not too distant future, we are going to have deal with this problem. Oil is a finite resource and as such, it cannot sustain indefinite extraction.
— James Morgan,

A quote from the intro of a new interview with Kjell Aleklett on Note Aleklett's display of the PROPER definition of Peak Oil: "As we were the ones who invented the term, I think it’s only fair that we should be the ones who get to define what it means. Peak oil is the point at which maximum production of oil is reached."

It's something we continue to hammer every single day because so many people do not know (or don't want to know) the proper definition of the Peak Oil term.

To his other point, I had to recall a Twitter conversation from a couple months ago with Dr. Sami Al-Nuaim, as he tried to explain Peak Oil to us. Hopefully you can appreciate the comedy of someone trying to explain Peak Oil to the Association for the Study of Peak Oil. Professionalism doesn't often allow us to reply to comments the way I really want, but the thought has crossed my mind to respond to people with: "We COINED the term. WE tell YOU what it means, not the other way around."

Finally, you'll note Aleklett's mention of the IMF. That's in reference to the IMF's report on Peak Oil that Brad Plumer profiled in the Washington Post. Lead author of that report, Michael Kumhof can be viewed speaking on the subject last year in an IIEA video. Kumhof also spoke at our ASPO-USA conference last fall, Aleklett attended the conference as well. And we look forward to future work from the collaboration of Aleklett's team and the IMF.