Previewing the New Oil Series

Below is a tweetstorm I did previewing a new multi-part weekly series that will appear on the blog in early 2016. The topic: the proper understanding of Peak Oil. The first part of the series will present the one (and only) definition of Peak Oil and explain why it's important for people to understand and adhere to that definition, and how to avoid the number one mistake frequently made in these discussions: confusing Peak Oil and the Peak Oil Debate. They are related, but different. The next posts in the series will each examine an individual issue often used to proclaim that "Peak Oil is dead." These pronouncements are almost always incorrect because the author is focusing on an unrelated metric instead of the only metric directly related to Peak Oil: the rate of oil production.

Issues of oil supply and depletion are critical to our energy economy. It's important to discuss these issues soberly, rationally, and frequently. And productive discussions will only occur when all parties are operating on a set of common definitions and a proper understanding that serves as a barrier against misinformation.