Making Sense of Climate Science Denial

A new free online course, Making Sense of Climate Science Denialbegins April 28, 2015 courtesy of edX and the University of Queensland Australia. 

From the course description: "This course will give you the tools to identify, understand, and respond to climate facts and climate myths. We'll look at the psychology, we'll explain the science, we'll examine the mistaken arguments that distort that science. This will equip you to distinguish information from misinformation. You'll learn how to respond to climate myths by fighting sticky myths with even stickier facts."

Course participants will learn:

  • How to recognize the social and psychological drivers of climate science denial
  • How to better understand climate change: the evidence that it is happening, that humans are causing it and the potential impacts
  • How to identify the techniques and fallacies that climate myths employ to distort climate science
  • How to effectively debunk climate misinformation

Register for the course on the edX website.