AGU15: "Is Peak Oil Dead and What Does it Mean for Climate Change?"

The fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) was back in December 2015, and video from the Peak Oil panel was recently released.

  • Asher Miller, Executive Director of the Post Carbon Institute (PCI) moderates the panel.
  • James W. Murray speaks at the 50:00 mark on "Oil Production, The Price Crash and Uncertainty in Climate Change." You may recall that Murray joined with David King in 2012 for the article "Oil's Tipping Point Has Passed."
  • J. David Hughes speaks at the 1:15:00 mark on "Unconventional Liquids, Peak Oil and Climate Change." Hughes is known for his many papers studying shale production featured on PCI's website 
  • Richard Heinberg speaks at the 1:37:00 mark on "What Geological, Economic, or Policy Forces Might Limit Fossil Fuel Production?" Heinberg is known both as a PCI senior fellow and for his collection of books he has authored on these issues.