"Peak Oil and Energy Independence: Myth and Reality"

With conventional oil production on a plateau and with expensive unconventional sources the only means by which oil production may be increased in the short term, it is clear that societies face a major dilemma...
— James W. Murray & Jim Hansen

"Peak Oil and Energy Independence" a new peer reviewed feature article for the American Geophysical Union is out from long-time ASPO-USA friends, James Murray of the University of Washington, and Jim Hansen of Ravenna Capital Management.

Subscribers can view the full paper through AGU.

The "references" section is a who's who of commentators in these issues including: Kjell Aleklett, Charles Hall, James Hamilton, David Hughes & Deborah Rogers, Gail Tverberg, Chris Nelder, Steven Kopits, and ASPO-USA Board Members Kurt Cobb, Jeffrey Brown, Arthur Berman and many more.