The President and the Process

Trying to do my best to contain my jadedness, because at the end of the day - The President of the United States giving a speech on Climate Change next Tuesday is a really really big deal.

And you don't want to pre-judge a speech that he hasn't given yet.

But looking forward, on the process side, Ryan Lizza's "As the World Burns" in the New Yorker is still the best look at Congress and the failure of the last chance at climate legislation - and the difficulty future fights will face.

On the President's side, it's hard to expect much follow-through after a speech or two, because his record rarely shows follow-through. The best recent example is gun control. After some of the most passionate speeches of the President's career, we just haven't heard much on that issue at all from the White House these past few months.

The White House has rarely shown the heart to fight battles that it cannot win. But those are the battles you have  to fight, because even in failure, those fights will set-up the next battles in the years to decades to come.  

We'll see over the next weeks/months, how much follow-through the President will put behind his climate change effort, or if it's just another check mark on the second term "To-Do" list. A way to tell the historians, "Hey, I gave a speech about it! Check! Hillz you got this, right?"