The Madden Cover Features Detroit Lions for Two Consecutive Years

Cover art for the 25th anniversary edition of Madden. Note the Joe Louis fist appearance in the upper left.

After Calvin Johnson won the cover photo last year, this year EA introduced the "Old School vs. New School" format. Barry Sanders won the old school bracket, then beat out Adrian Peterson in the final.

It's the first time two players from the same team have owned the cover two years in a row.

I could sit here and write pages on Barry and what he meant to the city of Detroit and to me, but a better tribute is NFL Network's brilliant "A Football Life - Barry Sanders" embedded in the video below. Barry wasn't the best because of his speed, and elusiveness, and vision - lots of running backs share those traits. He was the best - he was unique - because of his character, class, and unshakable humility in spite of his awe-inspiring ability.

For me, I'll always feel fortunate that I grew up and became a Lions fan in the decade when Barry played, because I got to share those Lions games and Barry's career with my father. Those are memories that will remain with me forever. So it's fitting that "A Football Life - Barry Sanders" is yet another story of a father and his son...