Toil for Oil Means Industry Sums Do Not Add Up

Mark Lewis and Daniel Davis team up for their piece "Toil for Oil Means Industry Sums Do Not Add Up" in the Financial Times.

Davis is a member of ASPO-USA's advisory board and a lieutenant colonel in the US Army.

Lewis is the former head of energy research in commodities at Deutsche Bank. You can review his presentation "Outlook for OPEC Demand & Implications for Global Exports" from the 2012 ASPO-USA Conference.

He's also new to Twitter and a must-follow.

...behind the hubbub of market hype about a new age of oil abundance, the toil for oil is in fact now more arduous and back-breaking than ever.

This should worry everybody, because with the evidence suggesting that consumers are reluctant to pay much above $110 a barrel, it is an open question what happens next to the industry’s investment plans and hence, over time, to the supply of oil.
— Mark Lewis & Daniel Davis